The Knitting Pilgrim

Capacity: 200

The Knitting Pilgrim – Kirk Dunn

In the times we live in, we are more than honoured to bring you a presentation of the Knitting Pilgrim. Come see actor, writer and knitter Kirk Dunn perform his multidisciplinary one-man show, The Knitting Pilgrim, featuring the Stitched Glass tapestries.

The Knitting Pilgrim is a one-hour, one-man interdisciplinary show, followed by a 30-minute talkback. You will meet Kirk Dunn as he knits in front of three large projection screens. He will welcome you and suggests he teach you how to knit – a gentle entry into a conversation about Kirk’s life as a churchgoer, actor and knitter, and how, prompted by the tragedy of 9/11, he found himself knitting a triptych of tapestries, designed in the style of stained-glass windows, which explore the commonalities and conflicts of the Abrahamic faiths.

The show, which theatre critic Lynn Slotkin called “a stunning piece of theatre… glorious and so moving,” combines personal storytelling, image projection and three huge, knitted panels, designed in the style of stained-glass windows, that look at the commonalities and conflicts of the Abrahamic Faiths: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Kirk invites you to Bring Your Own Knitting (#BYOK) to work on during the show. Or, if somehow find yourself without a pair of needles and ball of yarn, you can borrow some from Kirk’s stash, which he makes available at the front of the stage.

The Knitting Pilgrim recounts Kirk’s 15-year artistic and spiritual journey handknitting his ambitious project and looks at why the faiths struggle to get along today, the meaning of art, the hell of grant-writing and the power of love to overcome major obstacles (and minor mishaps). The show premiered at the Aga Khan Museum in 2019 and has been performed to acclaim over 80 times across Ontario and the Maritimes and toured to Austria and Germany in the summer of 2023.

It starts with a guy on a stool, inviting you to come up and take a ball of yarn and needles from his basket. It ends with you wondering how to nominate him as a United Nations Peace Ambassador.”

Colin Noden, Apt613

I do not write these words lightly. The Knitting Pilgrim is the most beautiful show I’ve seen at the Ottawa Fringe. My life would be diminished if I hadn’t seen it. It is a 15-year response to 9/11.”

Brian M. Carroll, Apt613

Tickets are non-refundable except in limited circumstances as described in the Purchase Policy.


Oct 04


12:30 pm - 2:00 pm




Level 1 - Bedeque Room