Lorna Ash, Workshop Instructor, Spinning on a Supported Spindle

Spinning on a Supported Spindle – Lorna Ash

Skill Level
Materials Supplied
Capacity: 12

Spinning on a Supported Spindle – Lorna Ash

Supported spindles are unique and beautiful tools that often seem to frustrate, until you work out the fluid movement used in this type of spinning. In this workshop Lorna Ash from Shades of Ewe Fibreworks will de-mystify the support spindling process, and teach participants just how fun and fulfilling support spindling really is!

Lorna will take participants through:

  • Types of support spindles and what to look for in purchasing a spindle & bowl
  • Spinning ergonomics
  • Fibre preparation options and what works best
  • How to spin with a supported spindle
  • Trouble shooting
  • How to ply
  • And more!


A variety of wool and fibres will be supplied for the workshop.


  • A support spindle and bowl or spinning surface
  • A drop spindle to ply on

PLEASE NOTE: Basic support spindles, bowls and bottom whorl drop spindles will be supplied for use during class, however participants are strongly encouraged to bring their own support spindles and spinning bowls, if they have them, as this would be the opportunity to explore your own tools!


Participants should have basic spindle spinning skills and should be comfortable spinning singles and plying on a spindle.

Tickets are non-refundable except in limited circumstances as described in the Purchase Policy.


Oct 04


2:30 pm - 6:00 pm




Level 2 - Birch Room