Size & Fit: Why the “Medium” Never Fits Quite Right – Kate Atherley

Skill Level
Attendees to Bring:
Capacity: 30

Size & Fit: Why the “Medium” Never Fits Quite Right – Kate Atherley

The biggest challenge for many knitters when choosing a pattern is knowing which size to make. This class will show you how to decide – and set you well along the way to a successful and flattering sweater project. We’ll explain how to read sizing tables and schematics to understand how a garment is sized. We’ll show you how to measure yourself properly to make the right choice. And most importantly, we’ll explain garment fit, including demystifying terms like “negative ease”- and show you how to choose the right pattern from the start. And then once you’ve got the pattern and size chosen, we’ll discuss easy alterations to perfect the fit and look of a garment.

Skill Level:

All levels, ideal for knitters just starting with garment knitting, or for knitters who haven’t had a lot of success with garments.

Attendees to Bring:

Paper, pencil, a tape measure and a calculator/app; any patterns they wish to discuss.

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Oct 03


2:00 pm - 5:00 pm




Level 1 - Summerside Room