Heavenly Bresser, Workshop Instructor, Prep Like a Pro: Combs and Hackles

Prep Like a Pro: Combs and Hackles – Heavenly Bresser

Maximum participants: 12

In this session, you’ll get the scoop on how to comb fleece safely with ease and less waste. Learn how to get the most out of your combs effectively without burning out and how to use a comb and hackle for both combing and blending fibres. Understand the different types of combs available for hand spinners and their different uses. Discover tips and tricks for using a diz to remove fibres from your tools and how to effectively remove combed top by hand without a diz. We’ll practice proper loading techniques as well as ways to prepare your fleece for combing.

Materials needed:

Clean sheep’s fleece 4 oz minimum, fleece. Fibre should measure at least 4 inches. Small set of wool combs. Small brown paper bag to store prepped fibres. (Instructor will have extra fleece on hand for combing and blending.)

Tickets are non-refundable except in limited circumstances as described in the Purchase Policy.

Heavenly Bresser

Heavenly Bresser is an award-winning handspinner and teacher at major fibre events from Illinois (USA). She is an avid spinning wheel collector and restorer and the founder of Heavenly Knitchet. She is excited to share her love for knitting, crocheting, spinning, weaving, and all things fibre-related with the world. 

Some of her areas of passion include the love for working with color, working from fleece, and researching historic information for antique spinning wheels. Heavenly has made it her mission to help fibre artists of all levels to expand their knowledge in their craft and to try new things. 


Oct 06


4 hour workshop
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm




Tignish Room