Pin Loom Weaving - Laura MacEachern

Pin Loom Weaving – Laura MacEachern

Skill Level
Attendees to Bring
Capacity: 15

Pin Loom Weaving – Laura MacEachern

The pin loom weaving is an easy and fun fibre craft to learn. Using a pin loom you could make a surprising variety of beautiful and functional pieces, like blankets, skirts, trivets, potholders, tea cozies, even hats… The Pin loom is very helpful in busting your stash of the variety of odd balls of yarn to make squares of different colours and put them together into the funkiest of the blankets! With each woven square, it becomes easier and faster to make the next one – and at the end of the day, you can have some woven “yardage” in a day that it would not be possible to knit the equivalent of no matter how fast a knitter you are!

Skill Level:

This workshop is for any skill level – from beginner to advanced, who’ve never tried anything like that before!

Attendees to Bring:

A few odd balls of yarn – preferably thick, like Lopi, or three ply Briggs & Little, or any other yarn on the thick side.

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Oct 05


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm




Level 2 - Elm Room