Lynne Pascoe, Funky Fibre Scarf

Make a Funky Fibre Scarf
– Lynne Pascoe

Maximum participants: 20

This workshop will encourage you to be wild & woolly and to use up all sorts of odds and ends of yarn you were ready to throw in the bin. The result will be a one of a kind scarf that makes a statement about who you are and one that is fun to wear. The only knitting skills you need are cast on, knit, and cast off. This is strictly for fun and the type of thing you can knit while watching your favourite TV program or whilst sitting on the beach.

Materials required:

Remember that ball of thick and squishy yarn that you bought on a whim and never used? It’s not quite enough yarn to make the long scarf that you prefer but you’d love to do something with it. What about those odd balls of left over eyelash yarn or the one with a metallic thread in it, some mohair, or slub yarn, even ribbon. Anything goes in this workshop but you will need one ball or skein of yarn, about 75 grams and 60 yards for the main yarn, preferably hand spun and uneven in thickness, or a thick, soft acrylic. Then start digging in your stash for bits and pieces that might just work with the main yarn. If you have other bits that you can share, bring those along for a trading session as we get going on the scarves.

You will need one pair of long needles in the size appropriate for your main yarn or a long circular needle which I, personally, find easier. Check the yarn label for a suggested needle size and go bigger, rather than smaller if you have to hazard a guess. The scarf is knitted flat so your choice of needle type.  You will also need a bodkin and some small scissors, and a pencil and notebook would be a good idea to record what you did in case you want to do it again. There is no pattern involved in this workshop just bring your creativity and have some fun!

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Sep 23 2022


1:30 pm - 4:30 pm



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Spruce Room