Julie Ann Lebouthillier, Workshop Instructor, Introduction to Colour Work Socks

Introduction to Colourwork Socks – Julie Ann Lebouthillier

Maximum participants: 40

Have you been wanting to add some colourwork in your socks but not sure how? Come and join Julie Ann as she walks you through how to knit colourwork. The course will begin with an overview of what colourwork is and examples of how you can add them in your socks. We will go over how to choose the right colours for your colourwork project. Demonstrate how to carry your floats, tips and tricks on your gauge and tension while working with colourwork.

We will then put all of our learning into trying out a colour-work pattern on a pair of socks. We will be knitting up the very popular Candy Mountain socks. This PDF pattern will be provided to the students at the class so they can follow along and get a free sock pattern. 

We will leave time at the end for any questions or comments from the class.  

This class is for beginners who want to learn how to add some colour to their socks.

To bring:
  • 32” circular needle US 1 or 1 1/2 ; 2.25mm or 2.5mm (or your preferred method of knitting socks, DPNs or 9 inches). I’m familiar with all three of these methods.
  • 32” circular needle 1-2 sizes bigger than your original needles to knit socks.
  • 300-400 yards fingering weight yarn of a primary colour in a darker colour. I recommend this be a tonal colour.
  • One hundred yards of fingering weight yarn of contrast colour in a lighter colour. I recommend this to be a tonal colour.
  • Tip: When choosing the colours for your socks, ensure they are high contrast so you can see your colour-work knitting.
  • Using your Main colour, cast on 56, 64 or 72 stitches. Rounds 1-14: *K2, P2; repeat from * around. Round 15: Knit all stitches.

Tickets are non-refundable except in limited circumstances as described in the Purchase Policy.

Julie Ann Lebouthillier

Julie Ann is the knitwear designer behind Twin Stitches Designs and just can’t get enough of sock knitting. She is passionate about helping other knitters find their love of knitting through tutorials, Instagram and her published patterns. 

A knitter with over 10 years of experience as well as designing patterns for over 4 years and in that short amount of time, has over 130 published patterns. As well she been featured in Knit Picks, Yarniverse, The Knitters Planner and collaborated with others such as We Are Knitters, Hobbii, Knit Picks, Lion Brand, Create Room just to name a few.

Julie Ann Lebouthillier, Workshop Instructor, Introduction to Colour Work Socks


Oct 07


2 hour workshop
9:00 am - 11:00 am




Spruce Room