Michael Sellick, Workshop Instructor, How to be An Influencer

How to be an Influencer – Michael Sellick

Maximum participants: 15

Do you want to learn to use the internet to create an online presence in the yarn arts that can result in creating your own job? This presentation is beyond just looking pretty and taking selfies. This won’t be a group discussion about magic rainbows and wishful thinking. Mikey cuts right to the chase to give insight into equipment, computer programming and data sources to review to self-measure success. You will have opportunities to ask direct questions you may be stuck on.



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Michael Sellick

Michael Sellick, known as Mikey, is a cyber educator in the crochet realm. Established as The Crochet Crowd based out of Nova Scotia, Canada.

He is prolific in creating resources for crocheters in real-time speed to keep inspiring others to find their inner creative selves. From delivering advice, stitch tips, full-on projects and anecdote storytelling.

Started on YouTube in 2008, Mikey has seen the world morph into what would be called social media. From the ups and downs of platforms and human behaviour, the goal has consistently continued to inspire others through his belief to “Inspire, create and celebrate.”

Join his informal teaching with unscripted moments, humour and down-to-earth approach to make education easier to manage.



Oct 06


3 hour workshop
9:00 am - 12:00 pm




Cedar Room