Cabin Boy Knits, Ontario

Early Indigenous and European Natural Dyeing in Canada
– Cabin Boy Knits

Maximum participants: 340

If you have ever watched Cabin Boy Knits’ Youtube woolcast, you will know exactly what you’re in for…a great time with Christopher and Jamie. The many wonders of the Fibre World along with histories, sheep and travel diaries come to life through the fun loving journey of this dynamic duo. Join us as they discuss the natural dye secrets from the earliest times of the Indidgenous peoples of Canada and the first European settlers. Jamie taps into his Indigenous roots to challenge the practices of the historical botanicals such as Bloodroot, Mountain and Red Alder, Sumac, Black Walnut used then and now in natural dying. 

Christopher delves into the different historical recipes used for centuries and brought over by the first Europeans who adapted using both local and imported plants. Their tightly guarded secret compounds, mordants and techniques replicated in Canada and by Cabin Boy Knits. While these historical recipes are cherished, Cabin Boy Knits has adapted some to be more eco-friendly. Let the boys lead you through a fascinating Natural Dye history from Medieval times and beyond to their current practices today. Get a surprising glimpse at finding these plants and botanicals in your own back yard, local fields, roadside ditches and a walk through the woodlands. Informative, entertaining and sure to be a good time are definitely on the agenda!


Sep 23 2022


3:30 pm - 4:30 pm






Bedeque Room