Sue Matton, Workshop Instructor, Designing with Colours

Designing Colour Stories – Sue Maton

Maximum participants: 12

We’ll be working with collage techniques to explore colour theory and the relationships of colours and their tonal value. We’ll create individual Colour Wheels and use these to help generate a series of colour ‘stories’ using a variety of colour harmonies. The workshop will provide an excellent working knowledge of colour and how to use it and would be suitable for anyone with an interest in the creative and decorative arts sector.

Materials and equipment will be provided for this workshop.

Additional materials needed:

Participants are asked to bring a pair of paper scissors, a glue stick, a pen/pencil and a sketchbook (A4 or A3) but this is not essential.

Tickets are non-refundable except in limited circumstances as described in the Purchase Policy.

Sue Maton

Sue, at The Mercerie, creates beautiful crochet projects designed to be used and loved, and Sue’s courses seduce the maker into a colourful world of slow making and creativity.

The Mercerie’s unique online crochet courses enable crafters to connect with people all over the world and work playfully, intuitively and mindfully on the creation of something uniquely beautiful.

Learning with Sue is not just about making a stunning end product – it’s also about colour theory, design and aesthetics, confidence building, mindfulness – and about being part of a dynamic global craft community.


Norfolk, United Kingdom


Oct 07


3 hour workshop
9:00 am - 12:00 pm




Montague Room