Shirley Paden, Beautifying with Beads

Beauty and the Bead, Beading Workshop – Shirley Paden

Maximum participants: 15

In this workshop on creating beaded fabric students will practice the two main beading application techniques. They are: 1) pre-stringing and 2) on location placement. The class will cover planning bead placement when following an existing pattern chart, altering an existing chart to include bead placement, and how to plan and layout a bead placement chart from scratch. Understanding how to plan and use this simple technique will provide students with a skill that will enable them to embellish and transform the look of many knitting projects in the future.

Skill Prerequisite:

Skill Level: Advanced Beginner. A basic knowledge of knitting and following a chart.

Bring to Class:

1 ball of lace weight yarn and 1 ball of sport weight yarn in light colors with appropriately sized knitting needles and a cable needle sized for the heavier yarn. Also, bring stitch markers, scissors, and tape for following a chart. For bead placement bring 10 beads with standard sized holes for stringing onto the yarn, and 10 beads with larger holes for placement directly onto the stitches. For stringing, also bring a sewing needle thin enough for the bead to easily slip across, and a small length of sewing thread to make a threading loop. For direct placement beading, bring a crochet hook sized to fit through the bottom and top holes of the beads.


Sep 23 2022


9:00 am - 12:00 pm






Aspen Room