Fruity Knitting

Andrea and Madeleine Doig, Fruity Knitting

11am to 12:30pm
Lunch with Andrea and Madeleine Doig, stars of the Fruity Knitting Podcast

Maximum participants: 75

This is your chance to gather with other fans, grab a light lunch and meet Andrea and Madeleine Doig. Andrea and Madeleine will be present to answer questions and to chat about their work. Ask about how they create their widely viewed podcasts and to share some stories about some of the interesting people they have met around the world.

The Fruity Knitting Podcast is a bi-weekly video show on YouTube that brings you knitting inspiration from around the world. Each episode features an in-depth interview with a top name designer or yarn producer, segments like “Knitters of the World”, which showcases a dedicated amateur knitter or emerging designer, and “New Releases”, where an indie designer takes you through their latest design. In “Meet the Shepherdess”, we present a sheep farmer who is producing their own yarn, and our occasional “Makers” segment features a passionate crafter from outside the knitting world. That’s all rounded off with our own projects, technique tutorials and a little chat.


Sep 24 2022


11:00 am - 12:30 pm






Spruce / Oak Rooms