4 Essential Cast Ons – Bristol Ivy

4 Essential Cast Ons – Bristol Ivy

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Capacity: 20

4 Essential Cast Ons – Bristol Ivy

Ah, the humble cast on. The foundation for all things knitted. The building block upon which every project, no matter how big or small, is built. So, no pressure to pick which one to use, right? In this class, we’ll practice four of the most essential cast ons, and talk about when and why you might use each one, and what projects they best go with.

Attendees to Bring:

4 separate balls of light-coloured, smooth worsted weight yarn, at least 10 yards [9 m] in each, US 8 [5 mm] circular needles, 32-60” [81-100 cm] in length, crochet hook of any size, approximately 5 yards [5 m] of light-coloured smooth worsted weight waste yarn, writing implement for taking notes.

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Oct 05


8:30 am - 11:30 am




Level 2 - Aspen Room